Peak Super acts as your fund's first point of contact for all mail and documentation associated with it. On a monthly basis we receive and review your mail, analyse and process every transaction and reconcile your main fund bank account.

This process ensures that all movements into and out of the fund are accounted for and Trustees are meeting their compliance requirements. This can provide significant peace of mind for SMSF Trustees.

As your fund is continually kept up to date, we are able to ensure faster processing of tax returns and can proactively collaborate with your external professional advisers regarding any immediate issues.

We act as the central collection point for all mail relevant to your SMSF. Through arrangements we will have with your various service providers, we will also organise electronic copies of relevant information about your bank account and investments. 

Peak Super prepares any minutes for meetings compliance documentation as required upon completion of the financial accounts.

We handle the conversion from accumulation to pension mode, including all associated documentation and calculations. We handle the ongoing administration of the pension including summaries for pension receipts, pension rebate and deduction calculation and preparation and lodgement of Pay As You Go (PAYG).

It is a legal requirement that self-managed superannuation funds are audited on an annual basis. The cost of the audit is included in our fixed fee.


You will be allocated a dedicated account manager that will provide Trustees with the technical support needed to ensure the fund is run properly. 

Our service enables regular reconciliation of your fund. Where we detect unusual activity or non-compliant transactions, we're able to attend to it immediately.

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