Leading-edge administration and portfolio reporting

Sound portfolio administration is a key component of excellent investment management. Once established, the ongoing management of a diversified, dynamic investment portfolio can be a complex administrative burden throughout the year. It can also make your end of financial year obligations a time consuming chore.

Peak Super is pleased to provide its clients with a new leading edge administration and portfolio reporting service. Catapult Wealth has combined a longstanding platform provider with our existing skills and experience to bring to you this Portfolio Service.

Using an administration platform consolidates all transactions, all income and all cash flows in and out into one system. This provides you with one set of reports to simplify your end of year tax process. Using advanced technology, the Portfolio Service automates many cumbersome and time-consuming tasks, eliminating a lot of the work involved in administering an investment portfolio.

In terms of paperwork, instead of receiving the many and varied statements and reports from each separate investment, you will receive consolidated and easy-to-read portfolio reports, plus a detailed annual tax report to aid in completing your tax return. In between, you and your adviser both have secure online access, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to the full details of your portfolio and a wide range of printable online reports.


By using the Portfolio Service, your day-to-day involvement in the administration of your portfolio is eliminated - you can feel comfortable that things are being taken care of in a professional and timely manner whilst you keep control of the underlying investment selection.

After all, the focus should be on the quality of the investment strategy rather than the paperwork.


We forward correspondence relating to corporate actions, mergers/takeovers, shareholder purchase plans and entitlement offers to you as the decision maker. We will then action your response.

Our online reports enable you to track and monitor the progress of your investments on a daily basis.

Your secure online login will give you access to:

  • Portfolio Valuation – by Security
  • Portfolio Asset Class Summary
  • Portfolio Performance
  • Trading Summary
  • Detailed Transaction Summary

Our regular reporting enables you to keep up to date and monitor the progress of your investments, without the burden of maintaining the bookkeeping yourself.  With up to date information, you will be in a better position to make important decisions relating to your portfolio.

We handle all the paperwork

Online access to a range of portfolio reports


A full “mailbox service” with all investment administration


A fixed fee-for-service calculated each financial year in advance


Daily online reporting

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